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"Java Forest is the best of all worlds.  I get my cup of joe while supporting sustainable agriculture, small family farmers, and Defenders of Wildlife.  And on top of it all, it tastes great.  I couldn't ask for more."         

     -- Lisa H, Java Forest Coffee Drinker

Packed with goodness, each Java Forest Gift Basket contains your choice of three Java Forest Coffees, a Defenders of Wildlife coffee mug, and Defenders plush wolf cub. The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!
1 Light, 1 Dark, 1 Decaf
3 Light
3 Dark
3 Decaf
  All three:
Try our Java Forest Gift Box!

Each Java Forest Gift Box contains your choice of two Java Forest Coffees and a Defenders of Wildlife coffee mug.

1 Light, 1 Dark
2 Light
2 Dark
2 Decaf
Individual Packages - Whole and Ground

Help protect songbirds and other wildlife
by drinking great Java Forest coffee!

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Java Forest Coffee Monthly Subscription
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How does my purchase help protect
songbirds and other wildlife?

 Simply by purchasing Java Forest you are helping protect vital wildlife habitat.

As habitat around the world is threatened by technified agriculture, migratory birds and other wildlife have found sanctuary in shade of traditional coffee farms. Studies suggest that shade coffee farms support nearly as many species of birds and small wildlife as undisturbed forest.

By purchasing Java Forest Coffee you are helping to protect wildlife as well as supporting small-scale family farmers through your purchase of Fair Trade Certified coffee.

Fair Trade ensures that family farmers—the stewards of forest habitat—are paid a fair price. This fair price enables farmers to continue to care for their shade coffee farms, which will continue to provide habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife, for generations to come.

“Happiness is seeing a good harvest and ensuring
that the land has a good future.”

-- Amado Lopez, Java Forest coffee farmer, Nicaragua     

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