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Sweet and lively, with notes of sweet citrus and a rich floral aroma. A great breakfast blend, perfectly showcasing the unique character of Laotian coffee.
Bold and intense, with hints of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and sweet finish. A classic French roast.
$10.50 ea
$10.50 ea

 Now offering Jhai Decaf! 

We've just added a decaffeinated coffee to our great selection of Jhai Coffee. Because the chemical-free water process requires very large quantities of coffee, we're not yet able to offer decaffeinated Lao coffee, so in its place, we're offering a great tasting, Certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic decaf from the CEPCO cooperative in Mexico. Just like our regular Jhai Coffee selection, $2 from each package is donated back to the Jhai Foundation to support their work with the Jhai Coffee Farmer Cooperative. For all the decaf drinkers out their, Jhai Decaf is your choice for a rich, sweet cup of coffee without all the caffeine.

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